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The revolutionary plugin where your words literally transform into fully functional WordPress plugins in seconds. Streamline your development process with the speed and intelligence of AI.

Creating a Calendar / URL Redirect Plugin

Custom Post Types with Custom Fields


Immediate Custom Solutions

Create immediate solutions to your website needs. With GPT Coder, just explain what you need and GPT Coder will generate a plugin focused specifically on solving your issue!

No more endless searches for a plugin that does __________________! Or if it just did that… With GPT Coder, you have the power to create exactly what you need.

The current launch version is great at a variety basic code tasks – style this, remove that, we need a contact form, etc. And even some more advanced plugins – a Daily Caloric Requirements plugin, a BMI Calculated plugin, some custom javascript code (created with just explaining what you need your website to do!) even AJAX and API integrations on a basic level – and it’s getting more sophisticated with every update.

Tailored On-boarding

As a launch customer, you get unparalleled access:

Start your AI journey with a 20-minute one-on-one on-boarding call, ensuring you get the most out of this powerful new tool.

Limited Availability

Join an Exclusive Group of Innovators:

GPT Coder’s launch is an exclusive event, available to a select number of buyers. Once we’re booked, you’re on a waitlist. It’s the only way to ensure that each user receives personal attention and service during launch.

Exclusive Launch Offer

Take advantage of our limited-time launch offer:

  • unlimited websites
  • 200,000 API tokens included per month
  • only $29 monthly (regular price $49/month)

After launch we will be rolling out monthly-subscription and/or annual renewal pricing.

No API Key Required

GPT Coder is a full AI solution using our own internal AI API. That allows us to utilize the best LLM for the plugin request and it allows you to get started right away!

  • no need to setup your own account
  • no API key to copy over
  • install and activate GPT Coder and you are ready to go!

Creating a Maintenance Page Plugin

Telegram API Integration with WooCommerce!

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